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Fuel & Industrial Sector

Personal Protective Equipment

Medical Supplies

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Innovation Connecting Enterprise Coastal is a facilitation and procurement specialist with a global network of key role players in established and growing industries.

The below refers to some of our many successful projects we have recently acquired

Personal Protective Equipment

•     Medical Facilitator in the UK Successful delivery of a variety of PPE stock
•     Cleaning Services Company Successful delivery of a large amount of Sanitizer
•     Local Schools Successful delivery of Monthly Sanitizer and Cleansing Chemicals
•     Delivery of Gloves to a large Medical Distributer

Successful Projects

•     Sourcing and Delivery of Industrial Vehicles to Mozambique and Botswana
•     Sourcing and planned Delivery of Morgue Fridges for a local Hospital
•     Sourcing and planned Delivery of Furniture for a cross border project

Why Choose us

Being part of a great network of specialists from all walks of life, we have the upper hand above our competitors, as we consult and combine their expertise for each opportunity we encounter.

Having dedicated specialists within the
Procurement as well as Funding Sectors you can always be assured that you are in very capable hands.


You can be assured that we will walk the extra mile with you. Our staff is dedicated to provide you with more than just a solution, we want to help you achieve excellence.

Our Vision

Our heart’s desire is that each customer walks out feeling relieved and absolutely satisfied. We will stop at nothing to make sure you are as happy as you deserve to be.

Extensive Offerings

As a sub-division of a larger group, we are capable of providing a wide variety of products, ranging from Specialized & general procurement to complete business automation.

International Trade Ready

As a facilitator to import and export, we have the benefit of providing internationally accredited equipment.